17/11: Watercolour painting finally complete with figure after 6 months!

Well, I managed to stick at it for 6 months and today I said to myself  ‘ This is as far as I go’

There’s a point when you can’t paint any more – not only because it’s looking great but because there’s also a chance of ruining parts by overworking them.

I’m not going to write much today because there’s not much to say. I’ve been through the processes and recorded the good days and bad.

I’m glad that I’ve finished this piece. The next step is to mount/frame it for the client. It will be brilliant to see it hung over his fireplace mantel as i’m so used to seeing it sitting on an easel in a garage for so long.

I’ll be sad to sell it but I need to move on to other new challenges for anyone who wants to commission me. Hope you have enjoyed seeing this painting develop. New work appearing soon!