12/1: Windsor yellow or Cadmium yellow? Coke or Pepsi?

Today I though I’d spend some time making something that will help make creating the right colours for my paintings a bit easier. I thought I’d be methodical and recorded the colour names of colours mixed or not,  made swatches using the paint straight out of the tube, then more fluid swatches using a small amount of water and thin washes using alot of water. Forgive my criminal handwriting.

I also created swatches to see the difference between the different types of yellows and the types of whites available in watercolour.  There is quite a significant difference between some of the greens, greys and browns I was creating, you probably can’t see the difference with some of them on a computer screen. Theres hardly anything between Gamboge and New Gamboge – I think New Gamboge is lighter. I also got mixed up when trying to remember which yellow was which, trying not to add Sepia instead of Prussian Blue. It’s actually quite easy to do this in artificial light – I ended writing the first letter of each paint on the pallette to help. You can just make out ‘V’ for VanDyke brown and ‘U’ (Raw Umber)

It’s great to see the true colour of Paynes Grey when you dilute it solely with water. The ultramarine is hidden away when its in its thicker, darker state. Another find is the difference between colours when adding either China White or Titanium White. I will be continuing this exploration……….