7/2: 18″ x 24″ painting – Nonsuch Woods






Today was a great painting day. I wanted to be bold for once so went for a large format (gummed pad – although it’s not very durable, the rest of the pad has already started to come apart).  I did tell myself that I’d focus on small paintings but I love to push the paint around with fast brush stokes. You just use your hand on a small bit of paper but you can use your whole arm on a larger scale.

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As usual I did some paint mixing/adding notes to make re-selecting colours easier.  I also made sure I started with thin paints in order to slowly add layers. I’m happy with it but there are parts that bug the hell out of me. I still need to keep things lighter. Although I’d love to do a dark moody woods someday. I prefer early morning or dusk. Magical times of day. Any comments?