10/3: Derwent colour pencil landscape

I spent 7 hours on this today. Maybe another 7 to go. I have to confess I really enjoy working with colour pencils, more than watercolour paints.

There’s something to be said about the precise adjustments that you are able to make with pencils compared the hair of a brush. I always feel uneasy painting with certain brushes. When I’m holding a pencil, my hand is driven across the paper with complete confidence.

I guess most experiences of colour pencils will have possibly been from a tray/box of low quality school pencils. The same goes for watercolours.

I’m mostly using Derwent colour pencils  http://www.pencils.co.uk/product.aspx?mid=722

When you pay a bit more for artist quality materials you can really see the difference. I also love the the fact that  the greens are named using a landscape theme – Cedar green, Spruce green, Grass green,  Straw yellow, Burnt rose to name a few.