3/4: Drawing in the morning, work in progress


It’s been a good day for colour work. I have spent about 4 hours on this today yet it feels like I’ve made hardly anything at all.  It’s the preparation of resources and setting up of equipment that suck up time. You can’t get around it, it’s an essential part of the art process. I printed off, cut up and created a Hockneyesque montage of the image I wanted to create.




I am fairly new to creating work with colour pencils so I really went to town and bought a range of Caran D’ache, Faber Castell and Derwent pencils.   I’m not only fascinated with the range of colours but also the names given to them. I’ve found some colour names that I’ve never come across before like Bistre and Perylene brown. I also love the subtle range of tints and shades available. I really enjoyed using the cold and warm greys in the main tree.

The Cedar, Pine and Spruce greens were perfect for their namesakes. No faffing around trying to get a green that matched. I’m pleased with the textures I’ve achieved too. I can’t wait to add the hairy bits to the main tree with sepia.


More soon…….