24/5: The White Pine

My new drawing is based on the same Pine tree from 3 different views. I’m being cautious with the amount of detail I draw on this. Here’s the montage I’m studying.

It’s called a White Pine, native to East America. The Haudenosaunee Native American Indians call it the ‘Tree of Peace’. I like that. I feel peaceful when I’m amongst trees. Especially pine trees.

I’m going easy on the colour application and try to recreate the way the sunlight goes kind of hazy on the bark and misty through the needles. Sometimes the bunches of needles appear to be floating. Apparently the needles from this tree stain your clothes and doesn’t come out in the wash.

I’m aiming to draw the pine tree only from each section, leaving out everything in the background of the photo. I want to get onto the fun part of adding immaculate detail in the bark and needles as per normal but have to wait until my next day off work……………..