6/6: Hockney-esque montage of a Willow @Twickenham

After completing ‘White Pine’ I felt that the series of pine tree images had run their course, so I decided to use another tree my next drawing. I made a ‘joiner’ in the same vein as David Hockney – It’s good for getting large images with lots of detail. I’m not fussed about making the edges meet in all photos. It’s just to get an overall impression of the main features.

I grew up with a willow tree in my back garden, which is still growing strong to this day. They are very graceful trees and I love seeing sunlight shine through the long hanging branches and drooping leaves at the end of a sunny day.

The willows down by the Thames are huge, at least 40 – 50 feet high, as you can see in this photo. I want my new drawing to reflect this so it’s going to be larger than the last. More soon…