10/6: Willow Glass – Barking Mad

I can’t begin to tell you how pleased I am with progress.

The header I’m using is a result of my need to become more efficient in selecting colours. It can get a bit confusing and time consuming looking for one colour pencil when you have about 8/9 pencils that are slight different shades of the same colour. The names on the pencils are in tiny silver writing on a shiny surface, hard to see immediately and I don’t even need glasses (maybe this will lead to bad eyesight) After constantly changing colours and placing them down on the desk in random places and you can easily misplace the one you need.It’s a bit of a tedious job putting them back in the same order in the box.

 I had to come up with my own system – I made a series of colour swatches then numbered each of them. I shaved the ends of the pencils and added a number to each shade. It works a treat! I feel a bit geeky but hey, it makes my job easier.

I wont have much time to spend on my art the next few days due to various events at home and work. I’m extremely frustrated because I’m on a roll and really enjoying making this drawing. I guess I’m lucky to get any time at all to make my art. I will post at some point next week