8/8: Three sketches with different backgrounds


I’m still exploring colour pencil using the motif of a single willow tree branch. I took photos of the willow in the back garden at my parents house which I visit often. The tree was pollarded in 2009 and you can see that over the past 3 years it has regrown with a fantastic and luscious foliage.

I took many photos of it’s branches, I’ve got so many amazing images to select from. I usually combine imagination with selected leaves from several photos, rather than just copying one image.

The sketches

I think this plumb coloured background works well against the green leaves but I cant see me going any further than just a design with this image. This would be great as a greetings card or wallpaper design.

I tried out a Latte coloured background for these darker leaves. The weather isn’t always great but i’m always seeking out new images. I was inspired by a light grey cloud covering in the morning which created deep contrasts in the greens between the branches. I want to try out more versions of these.

Here’s my Favorite from today. It’s on Latte coloured paper but I wanted to create a similar feel to the blurred background in the photograph. I love the movement in the back ground and the leaves have interesting shapes. I must have bought literally every shade of colour paper on the market and still yearn for colours which you cannot buy, which in turn makes me want to create a myriad of colour backgrounds. I think this is the way forward. More soon…..