12/8: Drawing ‘In suspense’ – what happens next?

‘In suspense’ – drawing on A2 plum coloured paper


In my last post, I wasn’t sure about the plumb background. Invaluable feedback that I received from other people informed me that it was actually the way forward.

Today I started off drawing faint white lines for the initial design. I then added more white and Naples yellow to areas I wanted to highlight.

Can you believe that it takes about 10 to 15 mins to colour one leaf?  This is because on each leaf the 3 or 4 colours are blended, rubbed out, blended together several times. This is how I achieve the right shade or tint or to give the leaf volume. I finally go over the edges and inner central vein with white/yellow that has been sharpened to a very fine point.

I keep wanting to add darker contrasts to the leaves but the darker colours would make the leaves heavy, loosing the wispy essence that willow leaves have. Tomorrow I’m lucky enouht to be able to draw all day then I’ll be posting two finished drawings in the evening.