13/3: Plant fiction in pastel

I’ve been continuing with yesterday’s sketch work. Deciding to the plant leaves larger has helped make manipulating the pastel marks easier. I use my fingers to blend the colours and I’ve deliberately drawn the leaves larger to accommodate for this. I also use disposable gloves to save my fingers from getting mucky and drying up.

plant fiction 1

Here I started by blocking in the background then using a rubber to draw the main elements.

plant fiction 2

I then started with the lighter colours of yellows and greens before working in the darker greens and browns.

plant fiction 3

To create more depth and interest to the background I added some purple and light blue areas

Work in progress

plant fiction 4

I add white highlights last because dust from other colours can easily make it impure and duller. I’ve rubbed out more of the background here to add the other leaves. Have any thoughts on these sketches or working in pastel? Leave me a message by clicking the comments tab at the top of the Blog.