19/3: Goat willow catkins – pastels on slate paper

Silver catkins are popping out all over the little willow tree in our garden.

I usually IMG_0018ride further afield for inspiration but I couldn’t help notice these fuzzy little fellas right outside my studio door. I looked them up on the net and found that they grow on a Goat willow, supposedly named after a 16th century drawing of a goat eating the leaves of said tree. nice.

The drawing I made is incomplete. It has some great parts but is overall a bit messy. I decided that I’d use it as a study for another version. I also think that the lack of branches works. I’ve yet to get the colour for the branches/seed pods right – they’re a kind of burgundy/russet/van Dyke brown/light green.What colours do you see in the branches? Drop me a line.