26/4: New series of drawings – #Vinyl records, #cassette tapes, Hi-Fi systems


My new work was inspired by a print I had done at university based on my passion for music. As a student I’d spend all hours of the day next to my stereo system playing tapes and records.

I have a very eclectic taste in music which is also reflected in the diversity of images I make on paper. At the time ( Mid 90’s) I was still listening to my tapes and creating spliced up sound tapes using snippets from all my records. I knew I could never sell these due to copyright infringements.

I’ve made a cleaner version here. The original was an etching – I no longer have the plate.


I’ve decided to take a break from the usual theme of flora to pursue some illustrative work based ons. I had started to develop my ideas last week when I caught a tweet that mentioned a video called ‘Last shop standing’ (catch the trailer here: http://lastshopstanding.com/) This was a brilliant documentary about the apparently disappearing trade of vinyl records. After hearing the shop owners and musicians talking about their life connections with music and record stores I realized that I too had similar experiences. I have fond memories of listening to records at the shop counter, talking to record vendors and anyone else who ended up joining in with the conversations about music. I’d then go home having bought 4 or 5 records; excited about getting the vinyl out of it’s sleeve

code 3

The fact that I was pressing the play, fast forward, rewind buttons so often made them a good subject matter to play around with. They become almost like ancient hieroglyphs when repeated. I like the connotations of modern technology becoming akin to something ancient.





Analogue world

I’m working on more versions of these architectural drawings. I guess it’s a world where the devices used to listen to music have become incorporated the dwellings of everyday life.



record reflection collection

Reflection collection

This is just an initial line drawing that will be developed further using colour. I am playing around with the plastic lids/reflections on old record players. I’m aiming to make these into screen prints but will be using acrylic/watercolour to explore possibilities.