19/7: Vinyl sleeve paint

New work


I’ve had a rollercoaster of a week getting back into my art – Getting back into painting after what seems like a very long time. I’ve enjoyed lots of great music – quite alot of which has been released this year or last. Music has been helping me fight through the mental battles in my mind. Alot of fine edges and curves to keep to in these pieces. I created a large scale piece in soft pastel ( about 22″ across) which led me to some further explorations……

discs sleeves

My first quick things to see how colour/shape combos would work. Bit messy too, as you can see by the finger marks everywhere! I always know that I’m going to make neater work after a few trial and errors.

I love the colours here but wasn’t happy with the randomness of the composition. Too much going on. What does it say about records? Jumbled up, messy, everywhere? I decided to go back to a much simpler idea. I thought ‘ One: I need to paint my next piece, give myself more control over the material. Two: Records are best kept in order, organised. In their sleeves.


I then went on to paint a small study. I was very happy with the colour work but I overdid the layer on the sleeve. I knew this would work better on a larger scale.small study 1

IMG_3072To help draw the record grooves I have a piece of card with a series of precisely measured holes running along it. I place a pin at one end and a pencil in the various holes. I let the pencil swing round. to create the circles. I paint them free hand though. I will eventually add the shiny/reflective areas of the record but am also pleased with watercolour paint.

Work in progress

There will be two sleeves. I’m using an old Crusaders record for the label colours. I’ll post the finished piece. Any thoughts, comments or ideas about how to improve my work? Please feel free to use the comments page.