30/8: Art work Update

I’ve been busy with various projects/workshops/holiday visits. Plans to get my long awaited website running are coming together slowly bit by bit. These things take so long to set up when you have to juggle so many things: Production of art/keeping healthy/emails/private life. I’m working hard to achieve my goals though.

Here’s the kind of work soon to appear (starting from September)

Records/vinyl: New sculptural work based using discs/light, large scale classic LP cover paintings

A separate site with humorous illustrations

A step by step look into the development website logo that I was commissioned to create (Pending authorisation)

Feel free to ask about any of the work seen on my Blog. The paintings/drawings/collage pieces will officially be available for sale with prices on the forthcoming site. If you can’t wait to buy one get in touch via the contact tab at the top menu.