20/1: Latest Vinyl records with colour flecks

Colour vinyl

My parents had a childrens record in their 45 collection called ‘Happy hour’ and I remember some stories and songs being on it.  I used to play or just look at sometimes because it had lots of coloured flecks that looked like they were bits of paint inside the vinyl.



I thought I’d reproduce this idea of ‘painted’ vinyl on  a 12″ scale . I realize that they look like Damien Hirst’s Circle paintings with less drips, although he drops paint onto a canvas that spins via a motor. I’m just using a variety of different brushes and occasionally turning the paper. I’m not sure about these, they’re not finished, just an exploration. What do you think? (Contact form at bottom)

I’ve also I’ve added a few more details to these singles. You can see the difference that the white highlights have from the more subtle light in first image – more images posted this weekend