02/02: Record and inner sleeve painting

This took me all week to make. The first steps I took were to spend at least an afternoon creating a batch of colours for the job. Even after I had started I was still creating more colours as the painting progressed. The colour for the sleeve had to be consistent all over. If I had run out of the barley colour i had made then the sleeve would be patchy – it’s extremely hard to make the same colour twice.

Blue Inner

Record painted to scale

I still have to tidy up a few parts but overall it’s looking good. Uploads that I have enjoyed listening to this week included : HBS Music Archaeology Video show, Chris Coco 27/1 mixcloud, DJ Format at Radio Nova Lujon, Barely Breaking Even show with Jake Holloway. The music on these shows has really helped me persevere with my painting on the dismal rainy days weve had recently.

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