18/07: New work – large Graphite drawing (180 cm x 80cm) ‘Noise reduction’

Adding a Narrative

small Type 2 casette printVinyl and Cassettes have a very interdependent relationship, or at least they used to. I would often buy an Album the usec a blank tape to record it. I’d spend hours taping all my favorite songs from my brother’s record collection in his bedroom. I didn’t own a record player so I’d tape songs, treating his records/player with the utmost respect. His bedroom was a musical haven for me. He had so many interesting records. All I had was Captain Beaky, OMD and Cassettes borrowed from the local Library.

bedroom shelf sI felt that drawing in a background, adding the shelves where music is stored was my next step away from isolated images of tapes and records. I drew the sketch to the left when I was about 18. It’s creased and tatty yet I don’t mind because the drawing has the same characteristics. It’s a picture of shelves jammed packed with books, ornaments, Jimmy Hendrix postcards, photo booth portraits and at the bottom a section of my brother’s stereo system. I loved staring at these shelves when I listened to music.

 Time to scale up…..

IMG_6929I had done some initial exploration in Graphite then immediately felt that the drawings I was making were too small. I was confident that the sketches would work on a larger scale so I then cleared the wall in my studio from all the drawings/photos/notes etc and fixed a large piece of MDF to the wall. IMG_6930

I then set about masking out areas that I wanted to keep white. I was using thin masking tape that would help create the uneven edge of vinyl jackets.

IMG_6944I worked into the graphite marks using a mixture of tones to try to achieve the kind of variations you get from stacks of vinyl

The finished piece has some fantastic effects that I’m going to take into colour

Noise reduction2