26/7: New pastel work – ‘Fragment’

Moving on to colour

.4I started the day with a small sketch using colour pencils. I kept the composition the same as the last piece to see how the image would look, not thinking about changing anything but the colour. As the work progressed I started to wonder about the headphones…..

There’s usually no specific order to the colours in record collections (no doubt there’ll be some people who do arrange them according to colour but i’ve yet to see this). I added the colours in random order and from but this didn’t feel right without reference to real record colours. I realised that I had to document my own vinyl jackets to allow me to develop the piece fully.

    Using my own records as reference .1  .6

Looking at the photos I could see the the textures of the now tattered jackets. I used to listen to records every day for over 10 years. I regret not taking more care of them but I never thought just how much damage they would take from handling over those years.



The next piece was slightly larger and on colour paper. I decided to get rid of the headphones,  I couldn’t get the crisp lines that I had achieved with Graphite. I don’t like this piece.

IMG_7013I chose a piece of A2 paper called ‘Midnight Blue’ for my next sketch as this helps the lighter colours to stand out against the background. The white edges were key in this piece so I used this asIMG_7019 a starting point. I also used Rembrandt/Sennelier pastels  for their thick qualities at the edges. I’m happy with the mixture of the marks made by rubbing out and textures from the paper grain. I now have to consider developing this image without the headphones or other objects as it works well without them. Looking at the finished sketch I can see that I need to work in some finer details – the tops/bottoms need to be more frayed and a few of the jackets want sharper definitions.

Fragment of whats out thereThe subtleties of colours have turned out really interesting. I think the dark background makes it feel like an object found in a museum cabinet under a bright light.  I have not written about the deeper ideas behind my work much; one idea being my fascination with historical documentation/preservation of culture. I have always collected books, files, artefacts and have stored them to preserve my past. The records are old and worn. The textures are a narrative from my past and I guess i’ve made them very ghost like instead of the rough and torn surface in reality. I should add lighter/fainter lines in contrast with some more heavier marks in my next sketch. .