31/10: My day of creating Cassette Monoprints

I’m planning on making some images for greetings cards based around Cassette tapes. I haven’t printed for a while so I spent yesterday churning out a few prints  to get used to the whole process again.

IMG_9147Printing can get very messy and after yesterdays session I knew exactly how to organise my working area todayso thatIMG_9148 the ink didn’t get everywhere, including on the edges of new clean prints. I work on top of an old table top that I rescued from a junk pile in my next door neighbour’s garden. It’s the perfect surface to wok from. I rolled the ink directly onto the surface of the table to get the background colour.


IMG_9150I printed off each background sheet and left them to dry on the washing line outside whilst I did some more. I had to wait for each layer to dry before printing the next so I had some lunch. The first sheet had dried in a couple of hours

I fixed a base sheet onto the table and drew round the cassette template made from Lino. This meant that I could print off the layers in exactly the same position each time. I also fixed the paper at one end with masking tape so that I couldIMG_9151 lift the sheet/lower it without worrying about it being in a different position when I added the next colour.

I also cut up the Cassette lino into bits so that rolling up the separate colours would be easier to print.

IMG_9157My organisation paid off and I have produced some semi-decent prints. The last thing to do with these is adding a few details here and there/adding a label across the top.