28/4: My work in California! A tale of Sale and shipping


I’m extremely happy to announce that my piece ‘Noise Reduction’ has been sold. It is now hanging proudly on Photographer Teresa Klostermann’s living room wall in Sacramento, California. I thought I’d share the steps I took to get the piece overseas safely to it’s new home.

Teresa had discovered my work on my Saatchi Online portfolio, telling me how wonderful my work was and wanted me to tell her me more about “Noise Reduction. She wanted something to fit in the space where she and her husband listen to music, watch movies, eat meals together I sent a response with a few insights into the piece and how it evolved as an Idea

Teresa replied saying that she loved the idea and that she and her husband wanted to buy the piece. I was over the moon and immediately set about researching how to ship art.
Because the piece is so big (28 inches X 71 inches) most major shipping companies couldn’t send it without charging me a ridiculous amount of money. Luckily the Saatchi Gallery provides a collect service from sender to destination. I decided to make my own box to keep costs low.

Tissue and Bubble wrap


I wanted to make sure the piece was packed safely and securely before transport, as is also required from the Saatchi Art website. They have a very informative video regarding how to package artwork correctly. These can be viewed by members online. The front of the image was already protected with Fixative but I covered it with acid free tissue paper. IMG_6924

I made some foam corners and taped them on before wrapping with bubble wrap. Wrapping the work
with bubble wrap was fiddly but suspending it carefully between chairs made it easier.

Foam Board



Over the tissue some Foam boards were taped together to preventIMG_6928scratches/scuffs from movement during shipping.

I used cardboard corners left over from some small picture frames to put on the boards as an extra precaution


Heavy Cardboard

The final layer was two Tri-card boards (Triple layered cardboard)  then created sides using leftover card. Here’s one of them in the photo. I used plenty of tape to ensure the packaging wouldn’t open. I did take a photo of the final packaged work but unfortunately the Sims card for my camera fell to pieces so I can’t access any images.

In Situ

unnamed[2]During the period of selling/packing/shipping I kept in constant communication with Teresa, letting her know how the packaging was going and answering any questions she had. She was kind enough to send images of the piece hanging in her living room. It has been mounted onto wood which gives it a really interesting dimension and the lights make it a bold statement piece. Teresa says she’s thrilled to bits with the piece which fills with pride to know someone is as excited about my art as I am!!

Teresa KlosterMann Photography

you can view Teresa’s website here: http://teresakphotography.com/