Edge of Two Storm Wood 2

Day 1: Here’s my latest work done over the first 24 hours. I had to force myself not to drop in the darker colours until I had the background light source and hazy bits right.

Day 2:  The painting is comming  along nicely now. Ive yet to work into the  background trees but alot of shadow and floor effects are falling into place.  The light is comming from the right so I felt the time was right to drop in the darker trees to the right and the earthy floor in the foreground. I recon I’m about a day’s worth of painting  time away from finishing, although ive got to remember that ive a life outside painting so in reality this will stretch to two days

Day 3/4: I spent most of day three revisiting the background. I didnt want to have to work around lots of branches and leaves filling in tiny gaps. The next day involved preparing an underlayer deep, dark cold colour to the right in the foreground. The left seemed like a much warmer area so I covered the same colour in red. Very happy with the initial floor colour. I wasn’t so sure about the yellow in the middle background so i went over it with some intense yellow which works really well. Next was leaf and branch time – it has totally transformed the painting and I was jumping around with excitement after I had put this in. Some of the green shades are pure guess work because you can’t make out the colours on the photo i’m working from. I’ve underestimated how long this would take me though. There’s still the millions of little leaves to put onto the floor. I’ll keep you all posted………

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