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2 Nov: Notes to myself – I’m bored, not up to much

I’ve been working my socks off over the past month after seeing an online competition with the theme ‘Boredom’. I came up with a few ideas along the lines of kettles boiling and paint… Continue reading

14/3: Hyper-reality, plant fiction

Cornerstone This ‘sketch’ took me 8 hours. I guess it has developed into more than just a sketch. I’m still a bit surprised as to how marks with pastel can look like something… Continue reading

8/8: Three sketches with different backgrounds

Inspiration I’m still exploring colour pencil using the motif of a single willow tree branch. I took photos of the willow in the back garden at my parents house which I visit often.… Continue reading

30/7: Colour marks on colour paper/’Drawings’ page updated with Life drawings

Colour pencil sketches on Daler Rowney colour card 160 g/m2 (the weight of the card in grams per square meter) I’m using willow leaves and sweet chestnut bark as motifs – both creating… Continue reading