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28/4: My work in California! A tale of Sale and shipping

SOLD!! I’m extremely happy to announce that my piece ‘Noise Reduction’ has been sold. It is now hanging proudly on Photographer Teresa Klostermann’s living room wall in Sacramento, California. I thought I’d share the steps… Continue reading

26/7: New pastel work – ‘Fragment’

Moving on to colour I started the day with a small sketch using colour pencils. I kept the composition the same as the last piece to see how the image would look, not… Continue reading

1/3/14: Exclusive – Paintings/posters/postcards soon to be on sale…

Exclusive – I’ve currently got my head down producing work to meet a deadline. I aim to sell my work at the London Record Fair. See their Facebook page here: I’ve also… Continue reading

2 Nov: Notes to myself – I’m bored, not up to much

I’ve been working my socks off over the past month after seeing an online competition with the theme ‘Boredom’. I came up with a few ideas along the lines of kettles boiling and paint… Continue reading

31/5: Nothing like watching records turning, seeing the needle moving and watching the label spin round

I’ve been using a mixture of sculpture, collage and drawing to explore my ideas relating to my passion for vinyl records. There’s a physical ritual that you just don’t get with internet downloads,… Continue reading

26/4: New series of drawings – #Vinyl records, #cassette tapes, Hi-Fi systems

My new work was inspired by a print I had done at university based on my passion for music. As a student I’d spend all hours of the day next to my stereo… Continue reading

14/3: Hyper-reality, plant fiction

Cornerstone This ‘sketch’ took me 8 hours. I guess it has developed into more than just a sketch. I’m still a bit surprised as to how marks with pastel can look like something… Continue reading

8/8: Three sketches with different backgrounds

Inspiration I’m still exploring colour pencil using the motif of a single willow tree branch. I took photos of the willow in the back garden at my parents house which I visit often.… Continue reading

30/7: Colour marks on colour paper/’Drawings’ page updated with Life drawings

Colour pencil sketches on Daler Rowney colour card 160 g/m2 (the weight of the card in grams per square meter) I’m using willow leaves and sweet chestnut bark as motifs – both creating… Continue reading

2/6: WHITE PINE – COMPLETED TRIPTYCH avec close – ups

I’ve worked hard on this drawing and i’m extremely pleased with how it’s finally  turned out – I’ll be entering this piece into a competition. I found out that my ‘Invented Memories’ piece… Continue reading