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3/2/2015: It’s been a long time…

My last post was back in October last year. Up to the end of 2014 I had abstained from making my art for a couple of months to focus on earning some money from… Continue reading

31/10: My day of creating Cassette Monoprints

I’m planning on making some images for greetings cards based around Cassette tapes. I haven’t printed for a while so I spent yesterday churning out a few prints  to get used to the whole process again. Printing… Continue reading

27/7: Site stats

Looks like i’ve had a lot of visitors!  Thanks to all of you who have liked/followed my Blog. New work coming soon.

18/07: New work – large Graphite drawing (180 cm x 80cm) ‘Noise reduction’

Adding a Narrative Vinyl and Cassettes have a very interdependent relationship, or at least they used to. I would often buy an Album the usec a blank tape to record it. I’d spend… Continue reading

Fantastic Brick Lane Street Art

Here’s some of the Street art that I discovered whilst at the London record fair (see earlier post here ) I don’t know many of these artists, hats off to them because they’ve made awesome pieces.

19/5: New Website and Latest work

I’ve tried to keep the Blog posts short recently as I’m focusing mainly on producing work to sell at the London record Fair. After the fair I will aim to write in more detail… Continue reading

11/5/14: Latest work – loads of records, houses to adapt….

Two new pieces that I’m working on The first being a Gouache/watercolour painting It will have a variety of colour Jackets, inner sleeves and record label colours This will take a few days……I’ll… Continue reading

10/5: New work posted tomorrow

It’s a busy time. I’ve got two more weeks until the London Record Fair. Just bought a bunch of Frames. New pieces in progress, will post tomorrow.

3/5/14: We built this city…….

Work from the past week or two I’m working on two sets of Ideas. The first is my own invented Record Label, Ridyard Records…….. ……and the other is a series of buildings for a… Continue reading

18/4: New vinyl paintings in progress

These images are all Watercolour/Gouache/Acrylic paint. Some will be available as prints at the London Record Fair from May 30th to 1st June.Link here: