Commission: Jersey

I’m creating a few paintings for a restaurant in Jersey called ‘the Bulwark’

I recieved a CD of some well composed images taken byPhil Gilley. The images are of local areas that are well known to locals and tourists alike. I chose this image for my first study because of the textures and vibrant colour clash – orange rocks against the blue sea . 

My brief was to transform the pictures  by making them slightly abstract  and incorporate colours used in the restaurant. The colours there are quite muted so these will ping out from the walls. Here’s the first sketch:

I’m excited about using colour pencils – they are very underrated as a tool. I love the fantastic textures and vibrant colours that can be easily achieved.

This second sketch is a good initial study but nowhere near the final piece. My next step will be to incorporate some of the effects I’ve achieved here in acrylic or watercolour. I may be more suggestive with the rock lines, less detailed. The shadows need to be enhanced and I prefer the ocean spray effect on the rocks in the first sketch.

Phase 2

 I traced the outline of the rocks for guidance but wanted to add the texture/cracks without being accurate. I’ve discovered that I get more out of the Image that way. I hate tracing to be completely honest. I need to move away from it. Really, deep down I’m crying out to work on a massive canvas/stretched paper and do some really loose gestural work. One day.  I’d stick with watercolours though. Working on a small  scale can be limiting, but you need the time and the money and a studio. I’ve got the time.

Phase 3

Today was a great day. I was burning with creativity. I love the ocean. Can’t wait to be sitting on a cliff with my easel some day.

The first hour I painted without using paint.

Merely working into the rocks with water and cotton buds to lift the layers.

I then set my no.12 rounded edge to the paper and I instinctively knew the kind of movement

needed to make the brush marks look like waves. A bit of dry brush scumbling for the waves and

I was getting those kind of urges of energy like when you’re excited about going

somewhere or doing something exciting. Not good with words me.  Lets say I was really enjoying what I was doing and kind of giggling to myself. When I make Art I get a massive kick that fills the soul for a long time.

I need to work into the smaller rock areas and make them move slightly further back.

They’re too bright/have no details. Almost there with this one then I’m starting a painting of the lighthouse at the top right of this page.