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7 May: 97% complete.

Managed to squeeze in a few hours of painting time these last couple of days. Colder leaf color in some areas, logs and a few re-touches to the grass to do. Image is larger than… Continue reading

4 May: 90% completed painting!

I have to blow my own trumpet and say its looking very good. See for yourself – page headed 4 May

2.5.11 Edge of Two Storm Wood. More developments…..

  Click on the latest page to see a slideshow of my latest work.

New studies for Edge of Two Storm Wood

Take a look at the new page for my latest painting studies.

Preparation for 2 Paintings

Edge of Two Storm Wood   The next two paintings which i’m going to create have been chosen. Thanks to Katie, Lisa and Meraud for your comments. I’ve decieded to make them both… Continue reading


Heres my latest painting completed. I’ve added this and a few further comments to the ‘Development of a painting’ page’ Copse in Richmond Park, London                                                    Please leave any comments/feedback that you have for me.… Continue reading

New painting

Have a look at my new page ‘ Development of a painting’ to see how my current painting (still in progress) has developed from the start.


This blog is my online portfolio.  Early work has often been eclectic in idea and media. My artwork has developed considerably since moving to London in ’99 and my focus has been primarily… Continue reading