3/5/14: We built this city…….

Work from the past week or two I’m working on two sets of Ideas. The first is my own invented Record Label, Ridyard Records…….. ……and the other is a series of buildings for a… Continue reading

18/4: New vinyl paintings in progress

These images are all Watercolour/Gouache/Acrylic paint. Some will be available as prints at the London Record Fair from May 30th to 1st June.Link here:  http://londonrecordfair.co.uk/    

17/4: New images posted later today (Friday)

It’s been some time since the last post. I’m focusing more energy on making my art than trying to keep up to date with blog posts. This is a short post keeping you… Continue reading

1/3/14: Exclusive – Paintings/posters/postcards soon to be on sale…

Exclusive – I’ve currently got my head down producing work to meet a deadline. I aim to sell my work at the London Record Fair. See their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/londonrecord.fair I’ve also… Continue reading

02/02: Record and inner sleeve painting

This took me all week to make. The first steps I took were to spend at least an afternoon creating a batch of colours for the job. Even after I had started I… Continue reading

25/1: Distressed vinyl, inner sleeves and a closer look at vinyl grooves

Distressed Vinyl I say distressed because it’s the term used when something is made to look old or has been used a lot.  The marks that give this painting a bit of wear… Continue reading

20/1: Latest Vinyl records with colour flecks

Colour vinyl My parents had a childrens record in their 45 collection called ‘Happy hour’ and I remember some stories and songs being on it.  I used to play or just look at… Continue reading

17/01/14: New 45’s and LP paintings

I’m on a mission ( remember the 80’s house tune?) since the end of last year i’ve been in my studio first in the morning till early evening, churning out painting after painting,… Continue reading

24/12/13 Merry Xmas!

Record paintings Hi. I’ve been hidden away in my studio for days churning out painting after painting. I’ve created a series of record paintings to scale  Here’s a 45 based on a James Brown… Continue reading

2 Nov: Notes to myself – I’m bored, not up to much

I’ve been working my socks off over the past month after seeing an online competition with the theme ‘Boredom’. I came up with a few ideas along the lines of kettles boiling and paint… Continue reading