30/8: Art work Update

I’ve been busy with various projects/workshops/holiday visits. Plans to get my long awaited website running are coming together slowly bit by bit. These things take so long to set up when you have… Continue reading

19/7: Vinyl sleeve paint

New work I’ve had a rollercoaster of a week getting back into my art – Getting back into painting after what seems like a very long time. I’ve enjoyed lots of great music… Continue reading

31/5: Nothing like watching records turning, seeing the needle moving and watching the label spin round

I’ve been using a mixture of sculpture, collage and drawing to explore my ideas relating to my passion for vinyl records. There’s a physical ritual that you just don’t get with internet downloads,… Continue reading

26/4: New series of drawings – #Vinyl records, #cassette tapes, Hi-Fi systems

My new work was inspired by a print I had done at university based on my passion for music. As a student I’d spend all hours of the day next to my stereo… Continue reading

7/4: Update. Busy drawing stuff

Great to see constant viewing figures on my stats page. Haven’t posted for a while – keeping busy with new projects. Will post when finished.

19/3: Goat willow catkins – pastels on slate paper

Silver catkins are popping out all over the little willow tree in our garden. I usually ride further afield for inspiration but I couldn’t help notice these fuzzy little fellas right outside my studio door. I… Continue reading

15/3: Working on multiple projects

It’s great to see the stats page telling me that I had quite a few visitors to my blog. It’s been quiet the past few months but I’m now working on lots of new… Continue reading

14/3: Hyper-reality, plant fiction

Cornerstone This ‘sketch’ took me 8 hours. I guess it has developed into more than just a sketch. I’m still a bit surprised as to how marks with pastel can look like something… Continue reading

13/3: Plant fiction in pastel

I’ve been continuing with yesterday’s sketch work. Deciding to the plant leaves larger has helped make manipulating the pastel marks easier. I use my fingers to blend the colours and I’ve deliberately drawn the leaves… Continue reading

12/3: Plant Fantasy

  Sketchwork in soft pastel Today I thought I’d try out some new compositions using different colour backgrounds. These are A4 size. The marks are better when the leaves are larger. Theres only so… Continue reading