25/02: Febuary experiments. Soft pastel abstract sketches

Febuary experiments take an interesting turn…. I thought I’d try out a few new ideas in a material I haven’t fully explored before. Soft (or chalk) pastels are great for manipulating both strong… Continue reading

20/2: Blades

Latest drawing in soft pastel – See more at my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Leon.D.Ridyard


Study for larger painting.


study for larger painting (comming soon)

10/1: New art page on Facebook

Building an Audience I’ll be adding my latest Ideas on Facebook to start with this year. I keep checking my site view statistics and to be honest it’s not that great. I’ve been uploading… Continue reading

4 Jan 2013: New ideas

January painting Today saw me spending the afternoon altering photographs to get ideas for my new paintings. I’m going to make Watercolour sketches first before heading into the realms of Oil paints. As usual I’ll… Continue reading

New year: New artwork begins!

07/11: I’m still here. No art yet but I will return

I’ve been incredibly busy. I teach art every day. No time to make my own at the moment. Today I visited my comments page and found an incredible amount of spam email. I… Continue reading

9/9: Update.

I was planning to do some painting today – paperwork for my ‘real’ job has prevented me from doing any. I think that I may have time comming up in a couple of… Continue reading

06/09/12: Update: Couple of small sketchy paintings posted this Sunday 9/9/12