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15/5: Lack of bioflavonoids? Then be sure to take a look at my new Pine drawing

This drawing is slightly wider and higher than previous drawings. It’s ok in my books but there are areas that could be improved. Its not just a case of copying a photograph. I… Continue reading

1/5 – ‘Escape from everything and everyone’ – 3 drawings

Today I created three separate¬†drawings and arranged them on one sheet of paper. I think that this works well as a format. I ¬†think all three drawings work well together. When I look… Continue reading

17/4: From boggy to ornamental

My latest drawing is from Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park, London. It’s an ornamental woodland that looks amazing at this time of year. You feel completely cut off from the world once you’re… Continue reading

15/3: Third version. See the improved memories of a park develop

I wasn’t happy with the last version of my latest work. I found a photo that I had taken of an earlier study and realised a couple of things. one, If I remade… Continue reading