1. About

At the age of 5, Leon drew a Peregrine Falcon in such detail that he remembers his teacher being very impressed. At the age of 7 he was tracing images directly from the T.V screen using his mum’s hair dressing end papers. At 18 he moved on from tiny cartoons to some large charcoal drawings of a ceramic bust. These mature sketches secured him a place at art college. Leon went on to study printmaking (Drypoint and Etching). After spending some years employed in jobs not even remotely connected to art, Leon rediscovered his skills and passion for drawing and became a part time art teacher and artist.

” My work fluctuates between photographed and drawn images. I have always loved Photography have never been satisfied with the photo as an end product. Photographs are an important starting point for ideas on paper. I am fascinated with the application of paint and tools used. I’m ready to change the direction of my work if a colour reacts in an unexpected way or a new texture appears after several layers of colour. ”

Leon Ridyard creates 2-D work in a variety of media, more recently revisiting the realms of  soft pastel and Lino. He takes an avid interest in a variety of themes; Landscapes, Science Fiction, History, Colour Theory and  Architecture to name a few. Leon’s ideas constantly evolve as he travels through various suburbs in city, looking for inspiration between leafy canopies, rows of defaced garage doors or in old Childrens Britannicas. Leon’s most recent work is a series of paintings and drawings inspired by the culture of the vinyl record and Cassette tape. His images celebrate the recent resurgence of  formats that a few years ago were at the verge of becoming obsolete.