12/4: Treelines

When I discovered WordPress last year, I started a Blog called ‘Garden interface’ Here’s the link – http://gardeninterface.wordpress.com/

My main aim was to create art for an MA degree course. I was reading about Landscape theory, looking at many artist’s work and at the same time produce art that connected the theory and practical sides to the subject. This Blog will now merge my original thoughts with extracts/images from contextual resources. I’m excited about transforming it into something which is more than just trying to promote my art.

Treelines is a series of images that have developed over the past two years from cropping my photographs, altering the colour/contrast/brightness etc. on my laptop. The idea of isolating the trees from the sky and ground fits in nicely with the last set of drawings. I’m also going to venture into printmaking at some point. New art work posted next week.