25/02: Febuary experiments. Soft pastel abstract sketches

Febuary experiments take an interesting turn….

I thought I’d try out a few new ideas in a material I haven’t fully explored before. Soft (or chalk) pastels are great for manipulating both strong bright and soft subtle colours. They are really messy – dust everywhere! What you end up with makes it all worthwhile though.

New materials are the way forward

The above sketch is a bit too complex. It’s early days and I’m going to try out a range of ideas based on zoomed in images of the landscape. I feel that there’s lots of fun and potential to be had with pastels. I have to be careful with colour combinations though. The second of the next two studies is by far the most controlled piece of the day.

first sketch IMG_0268

Over doing it?

Again, this next sketch was a bit over worked but I can extract elements that work and discard bits that don’t. Have any comments or questions? Feel free to drop me a line on Twitter Leon Ridyard @DonaldFlake or Leonridyard40@outlook.com

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